TwistedChips CNC Lathe, Mill and Plasma table allow us make unique and quality parts for all kinds of projects. Contact us with your ideas!
We  offer  a Vapor Blasting service.  Vapor Blasting is cleaning the surface of metal with a fine abrasive suspended in water and propelled at a hgih speed of air.  This processes is also known as liquid honing. 
Welcome to TwistedChips machine and fabrication shop. where we provide a wide variety of products and services to fit your needs
Vintage motorcycles and snowmobiles are our specialties
Now avalable crank shaft balancing  let us make your engine run more efficient a​nd smoother with precision balancing.
Click here to find an assortment of tooling we use on our own cnc machines.  ​
Contact us with any questions, concerns, or project ideas!