Custom Dice Box

This box was designed to hold a set of Dungeons and Dragons dice
The overall shape of the box is a hexagon, and there is a rim that goes all the way around the box that holds it shut, along with the help of 2 sets of small magnets
Each pocket in the box is specifically designed to hold a specific die. Because of the weird shape of the dice, some of the pockets have very unique lofts like a 10 point polygon to a 5 point polygon
The pockets were cleared first with a 6mm end mill, then a 4mm end mill, and the round and strange shaped pockets were finished with a 3mm ball mill for a nice smooth clean finish
On the front a dragon was engraved, and on the back was the signature of the person the box was made for. They were both engraved using a diamond drag tool to get a nice clean and detailed result
The two halves of the box fit perfectly together and the box is very elegant. It was a fun challenge of both my modeling and machining abilites