Othello Game Board

This was a custom othello game board I made for my grandparents 50th anniversary
The board was a 10"x10" piece of aluminum, with 64 spots drilled into it to hold the pieces. It also has a decrotive profile machined around the edge
The back of the board has a combination of v-carved writing and a diamond draged flower. It also was drilled to hold rubber feet so the board would rest nicely on tables
The game pieces were a fun creation to this project. There was a challenge of what to make them out of, because they had to be one color on one side and a different color on the other 
We ended up using steel bolts and brass nuts to create the two color effect. We tightened them together, then turned the head on the lathe to create these unique pieces
The pieces are a little difficult to read on the board, but the overall effect of the board is beautiful was a very fun challenege for me to create