Vapor blasting 

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What is Vapor Blasting?

  • Surface refinishing process used to clean and resurface aluminum parts
  • high pressure surface blasting, that uses a slury of water, compressed air and abrasive media 
  • much gentler to soft aluminum than other processes
  • will remove a microscopic layer of oxidized metal and corrosion
  •   seals the pores of the aluminum making it look better last longer, and be more resistant to future corrosion
  •   Vapor blasting differs from dry blasting in other respects as well
    •  Does not dimensionally change the part
    • media that is used is much finer and gentler
    • resulting surface is much smoother and shinier.

If you are interested in having us Vapor Blast your parts
here are a few things you should know
The cost to Vapor Blast your parts is $60.00 per hour with a minimum one hour charge and then half hour increments there after.  
Send us pictures and information for an estimated cost!
Works on Aluminium, Steel and Iron!
  • To get the best possible value from our service, be sure to remove all gaskets, sealants, o-rings, seals and bearings, and send your parts precleaned - the cleaner the better.  
  • The vapor blaster will not remove epoxy paints or powdercoat.  
  • Vapor Blasting is a good pretreatment for repainting, but ferrous metals will need to be painted or coated after vapor blasting
    •  These metals are prone to flash rusting when this process is used
    • We do use an anti - corrosion product  after the blasting for their protection.

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